Owner’s Rep Project Manager

OnQGlobal Inc
January 22, 2020
Omaha, NE
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Owners Rep (OR) will act on behalf of Owner to become a virtual extension of the Owners Project Team and will establish an immediate and close relationship with the Owner to gain a complete understanding of the Owners Project requirements, goals and constraints, and general business objectives. OR will bring best practice and innovative experience to the Project that will facilitate the delivery of efficiencies in terms of design, construction, and operational transition process. OR will comply with the Owners standards for quality, optimal cost structure, and on-time delivery, and implement these standards into the overall framework of the Project. OR will act as an extension over the Owners team to assist in maintaining project level schedule and cost controls and reporting in line with Owners requirements. To be clear the core schedule and cost tracking and maintenance will be done by others but OR is expected to help enforce policy, gather information, and troubleshoot in the field. OR will participate in executive level briefings and decision making processes with respect to the Project in supporting Owners internal Project Management team. Overall responsibility and accountability for management of the project. Generally this includes:

i. OR will review and validate Owners needs and business requirements for the Project, including functional requirements, environmental standards, levels of quality, commissioning process, and business needs in order to protect Owners interests throughout the course of the project.

ii. OR will acquire a thorough understanding of and assist in establishing Owners requirements for the Project relating to budget, program, and schedule.

iii. OR will review and provide timely comment to Owner regarding the Design teams program for the preparation of drawings, specifications, schedules, and all other design and cost information. At all times, OR will act to align and balance design deliverables and construction requirements.

iv. OR will provide and (where appropriate) ensure that the Documents make provision for all necessary information required by the local Planning/Building Dept. /Fire Dept. etc and, while not responsible for obtaining permits, act as a partner with Owner and General Contractor in obtaining permits.

v. OR will advise on, and issue appropriate notices on behalf of Owner to the relevant parties in relation to procedures and other practical matters arising under the Project Agreements. Project Agreements are defined as any and all agreements relating to or affecting the Project or the completed Project, or any part which have been or may be entered into by Owner and disclosed to OR whether before, on, or after the date of this Agreement.

vi. Risk Mitigation Strategies OR will continually evaluate the progress of the work and identify potential risks to the project, including risks to quality, budget, and schedule. OR will work with the Owner to determine which mitigation measures are recommended and implement those corrective actions. OR will maintain Risk Log in Owner defined tool and host quarterly Risk Management work-sessions.

vii. OR will create and maintain at all times, for purpose of daily active management of project delivery, three key tools:

a. Action Item Log, for purposes of tracking the key actions and associated what, when, and who required to maintain the project progression.

b. Milestone Management Log, for purposes of extracting key milestones from Project level P6 file in order to focus team on the right course for project delivery at all times.

c. Procurement Log for purposes of tracking all major goods and services purchases and associated progress in delivery of those Owner provided items.

viii. OR will facilitate the review of all Project activities at agreed to intervals (via formal gate reviews with key stakeholders) to verify the Project requirements of scope, budget, and schedule are maintained during the design phase.

ix. OR will establish a working relationship with the architects, engineers, consultants and contractors, and provide them with (and maintain through the course of the project) an overview of the Owners needs, goals, requirements, restraints, schedule, budget, design philosophy, and any special characteristics associated with the Project.

x. OR will coordinate with the Owner on the type of trade procurement procedures which will be the most effective with consideration for schedule, cost, and financing requirements.

xi. OR will work with the Owner and Project Team to consider options and make decisions related to the phased growth into the facility (e.g. MEP Equipment, expansion of raised floor area, building expansion, etc.) over time as the Owner grows into the facility.
xii. OR will work to make sure that a progressive and constant safety culture is part of the field execution process. To serve this function, OR will be responsible for making sure GC and other key trades are promoting a behavioral based safety plan and actively administering, managing, and auditing in the field.

xiii. OR will review the Construction Managers Project schedule to verify it is inclusive of actual material lead times and delivery schedules, and advise the Owner of compliance with overall Project goals and objectives.

xiv. OR will review all contractor claims with respect to cost and schedule impacts, and make a recommendation, having consulted with the appropriate parties, to the Owner on the acceptability of each claim. OR will negotiate claims and financial settlements as appropriate.

xv. OR will work to integrate Owners operations teams into the project at the right times

  • 10+ years experience
  • Bachelors degree in construction management or engineering
  • Data center experience a plus
  • Formal Project Management methods / best practices
  • Cross functional team participation in a high-tech, dynamic environment
  • Excellent problem-solving, critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Proven track record in delivering high-quality programs
  • Passionate about solving complex challenges within aggressive timelines
  • Detail oriented with strong written and verbal communication skills and the ability to multi-task in a fast-paced and quickly-changing environment.


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